We are Live!

Letter_Time to play the trumpets! We have just launched the new Templar ski website.  Following our successful kickstarter campaign we are now officially a company here in Canada. We have tons of exiting news to share with all of you, first – the initial kickstarter shipment will be out this week! so all of you backers we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, this journey would not be possible if you did not help us.

Products – we have made a limited production run, and only a few pairs are left, if you want to get a pair for yourself make sure to let us know asap!  You can also grab yourself some swag right away. we have shirts and stickers to help spread the word.

In terms of the mountain of skis we have made in prototypes we are not throwing a single one out! … Our prototypes are stiff and are actually perfect for sit-skiing so we have teamed up with The Rocky Mountain Adaptive Sport Centre And we plan on bringing down more and more skis, and other goodies as we can throughout the season.

Fun times ahead – the Kokanee beer challenge. Yes you heard this right – not the mead of old but pretty amazing stuff – we will have a little gig right here to help support Kokanee for being so awesome to us. Big thanks to Greg Albin for helping set all of this up! You are now able to win yourself a pair of templar skis by visiting Liquor stores in Canmore (solo liquor) and in Lake Louise (lake louise liquor depot).  Check back with us or visit our facebook page as more detail will be released!