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emplar Skis is dedicated to building and experimenting with top of the line charging skis – The driving idea was to build skis light enough for a backcountry setup but with all the strength and energy of an aggressive resort slayer. This is all possible in large part due to a unique all carbon fiber composite and triple woodcore design. Our design process includes using a finite element model for each ski to optimize our desired properties. We rigorously tested our cores to come up with a unique core concept and incorporated the direction of the wood grains and resin penetration to better predict performance.

We chose carbon, as its flex properties out-perform conventional fiberglass and Kevlar designs and even hybrid carbon stringer designs. We designed an all carbon bracing system that lets us tweak the manufacturing process and the carbon sheet properties to optimize ski flex and maximize the ski torsional rigidity. What you will notice is that our skis have beefy cores, resulting in improved performance and longevity and at the same time they are surprisingly light. Not wanting to sacrifice edge hold, all our skis are built with a semi-cap design. All together this technology has proven incredibly versatile and will allow skiers to get the most out of their skis. Each ski comes with our legendary warranty, if anything goes wrong with the skis we have you entirely covered for a year. Click on a ski bellow to find out more!


inding Mounting Information

These skis are experimental by design – and so we have been testing various mounting locations and options. Using wood glue, epoxy or expanding glue is recommended as they will act as moisture barriers and enhance the metal to wood interface. Using a minimal amount seems to result in the best performance. Our skis also have a binding plate that reduces the chance of the screws coming loose. Click on the icon bellow for our complete mounting PDF.