Core Design




he core of every ski dictates up to 60% of the ski’s flex properties, and up to 80% of the ski’s flex pattern. As you can see it is of unbelievable importance to build and source the ski core as best as possible. Using the FEA process we started by modeling various cores, looked a flex properties and chose a number of viable results. We later had a number of cores built and tested, then field tested a number of these cores and we settled on a design. The core was built using 3 different woods each chosen for their properties. We use poplar, bamboo, and paulownia woods. Theres is nothing unique about using these woods but the way we implement them together makes all the difference.

Building a core is not enough, testing it and validating it is just as important. What we learned from our first prototypes is that the initial models did not account for much of the core stiffness we were seeing. What we saw was that we did not factor resin permeation into wood. After discovering this, we worked hard to re-calibrate the design and we are now on the 4th iteration of these cores.

The novel novel CNC machined core design that incorporates 3 woods ( Bamboo , Poplar and Paulownia ) – is optimized for more torsional rigidity in a carbon semi cap design. We chose carbon, as its flex properties out-perform conventional fiberglass and Kevlar designs. We also designed a bracing system that lets us tweak the manufacturing process and the carbon sheet properties to optimize ski flex. What you will notice is that our skis have beefy cores greatly improving performance and at the same time they are surprisingly light. All together this new technology has proven incredibly versatile and allows skiers to push these skis incredibly hard.

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