nnovation is the cornerstone of Templar Skis. We love research and we have been doing it all our lives. Templar skis is founded in medical research, and we think it gives us a unique view of ski innovation, quality control and product expectations. We firmly believe that innovation is not some magical entity, but rather an open minded, step by step approach to solving problems. We also believe that nothing is perfect and as much as we would like to say we have built the perfect pair of skis for you, striving for a better product will keep pushing us and this company to deliver more and more innovative manufacturing processes and ski designs indefinitely. We are big proponents of novel design and manufacturing process and as a result we have used finite element analysis, 3D printing and various rapid prototyping process to quickly iterate our design and methodology as to maximize the performance and quality of the end products. In short we can’t wait to bring you more incredible products for years to come.